"Top 5 benefits for my team and I in just the last 6 months: - been introduced to published literature and reports of interest - learned different perspectives and terminology used, regarding research methods and health/health care/public health issues - became aware of conferences and dissemination mechanisms - met potential collaborators via HIFA members and contacts for our students to reach out to - most importantly I'm learning more each month and becoming an advocate for open access and open science."
United States
13 August, 2016
"Thank you for bringing in so much information we could actually use in our day-to-day work as researchers, implementers and health promoters in developing countries. HIFA is providing so many of us an opportunity to share and learn from experiences, views and voices in a way that no journals or seminars can manage to extend."
23 August, 2016
A lot of members have even found powerful connections leading to employment, projects, mentorship, and research of very high value globally.
Kenneth L Chanda, National Institute of Public Administration
24 August, 2016
I relish in receiving and reading the information exchange with the often back and forth dialog through the HIFA platform you have created. The ranks continue to swell as more and more health workers and receivers learn about it - congratulations.
Burris (Duke) Duncan, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics, University of Arizona, USA
North and South America
20 August, 2016