"I really love the HIFA forum (fantastic resource!)"
27 April, 2017
"HIFA is really inspiring. It has been a whole process, journey, the construction of HIFA. I really want to do more again to spread HIFA in Cameroon and make it pivotal in the health system."
15 April, 2017
"It's been great working with everybody and I believe together, we can ensure that quality health information indeed reaches everyone in the globe."
11 February, 2017
“I have been learning a lot from the HIFA updates, and I would like to use this chance to thank you and HIFA for providing very informative updates through the network. I hope I can be continuously plugged in the network for more sharing in the future as well.”
Chonghee Anise Choi, Director
Republic of Korea
21 September, 2015
“We make videos for frontline health workers in the developing world. We are grateful for the collaboration of partners throughout the world who help make our work possible, many who we’ve connected with through the HIFA/CHIFA networks: content experts, clinical site hosts, field-testers, and translators and narrators.”
Deborah van Dyke
13 February, 2015
“Since I first started to follow HIFA several years ago, I have noticed some excellent broadening of the types of professionals who are participating as well as the subjects covered. It is especially rewarding to get the commentary from participants on the ground throughout the world. I am also very impressed with the immediacy and frankness of opinions expressed. Keep up the good work.”
Don Sutherland
21 April, 2015
“CHIFA is such a terrific forum! I really enjoy and appreciate it.”
Donna M Saton, General Pediatrician
24 November, 2015
“I absolutely love getting the important updates you share and the resources.”
Ados May
31 May, 2016
“I am very grateful for receiving the CHIFA forum messages. The recent discussion on industry being involved in healthcare was especially interesting and I learned a lot. I was really impressed by the quality and frankness of the dialogue. And on other topics as well.”
Nigel Rollins, Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health
7 October, 2015
“I am indeed proud to be part of this Great network. Well Done to all for your tireless work.”
Louise Bugeja, Charge Midwife
13 December, 2015
“The network has really proven to be useful – I have gotten a lot of interesting feedback on my question.”
Sanne Marie Thysen
2 June, 2016
“I find the emails shared by the HIFA colleagues and the HIFA moderators are really very educative and important to learn modern advancement in health sector.”
Tirtha Rana
24 May, 2015
“I wanted to say thank you for such amazing updates from the world of public health. I always look forward to your e-mail. Great work!”
Nishant Chavan
4 June, 2015
“Interacting with HIFA has influenced my professional life over the years greatly!”
Olayinka O. Ayankogbe
7 September, 2015
“CHIFA’s purpose is universal and constitutes a free and worldwide permanent investment.”
Andre Shongo, Tulane University
5 September, 2015
“I love the HIFA. I love the work I am doing and I will keep working harder to make the HIFA in Cameroon a unique tool for the development of its health system.”
Didier Demassosso, HIFA Country Representative For Cameroon
19 February, 2016
"Top 5 benefits for my team and I in just the last 6 months: - been introduced to published literature and reports of interest - learned different perspectives and terminology used, regarding research methods and health/health care/public health issues - became aware of conferences and dissemination mechanisms - met potential collaborators via HIFA members and contacts for our students to reach out to - most importantly I'm learning more each month and becoming an advocate for open access and open science."
Janet Bettger, Professor at Duke University, USA
United States
31 August, 2016
"Thank you for bringing in so much information we could actually use in our day-to-day work as researchers, implementers and health promoters in developing countries. HIFA is providing so many of us an opportunity to share and learn from experiences, views and voices in a way that no journals or seminars can manage to extend."
23 August, 2016
"A lot of members have even found powerful connections leading to employment, projects, mentorship, and research of very high value globally."
Kenneth L Chanda, National Institute of Public Administration
24 August, 2016
"I relish in receiving and reading the information exchange with the often back and forth dialog through the HIFA platform you have created. The ranks continue to swell as more and more health workers and receivers learn about it - congratulations."
Burris (Duke) Duncan, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics
United States
20 August, 2016