From the 2nd Global Community Health Workers Symposium – Dhaka, Bangladesh 22-24 November 2019 : Lessons and next steps towards UHC and SDG 2030. (2)

29 November, 2019

Dear Sir,

Thanks so much for sharing the information about the symposium and giving in a nutshell the global scenario in which CHWs are redefining Primary Health Care in the context of Development. A lot of lessons for us here. It is also heart warming to learn of the positive development in Bangladesh with respect to CHWs growing into the roles and responsibilities that are expected of them . Cheers to Bangladesh for leading the way even as many of thedeveloping countries take the next steps towards UHC.

Best regards,


CHIFA profile: Sunanda Kolli Reddy is a Developmental Paediatrician from New Delhi, India, with a special interest in Early Child Care and Development of children with neurodevelopmental problems in underserved communities. She is actively involved in health promotion, community-based research, care provider training for promoting abilities of children with special needs, through the various programmes of Centre for Applied Research and Education on Neurodevelopmental Impairments and Disability-related Health Initiatives (CARENIDHI), which she heads ( Her work in the community settings to widen the disability-in-development model of CBR encompasses the wider determinants of health and human capabilities and issues which impact the lives of the poor. She combines her experience in developmental paediatrics with the core work of CARENIDHI's grassroots convergence programmes in partnership with groups working in the area of Implementation research and policy.