92% of medical professionals 'agree that misinformation and anti-science pose a dangerous threat to the future of healthcare' (5) The role of HIFA to improve the availability and use of reliable healthcare information (2)

2 October, 2019

Dear Rameshwar

Following from your e-mails: “I am wondering if HIFA can play an increased active role in this regard. While we talk about the relevance and importance for right healthcare info for all, maybe is it time to offer tools to healthcare professionals to make this happen?”. One of the many benefits of the HIFA Forums is that colleagues regularly share information regarding useful clinical tools, papers and information- to counter both misinformation and the overwhelming amount of research evidence which clinicians need to navigate to source the “right information at the right time” when seeing patients.

Just a brief reminder that PACK (the "Practical Approach to Care Kit") is one such tool. PACK is-

A primary health care improvement programme designed to equip and empower PHC clinicians delivering care at the frontline of health services in LMICs including provision of an evidence-based, WHO guideline focused, localiseable guide, as well as a facility & team based training programme, health systems strengthening and robust evaluation.

The programme has been developed by the Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) a clinical research unit within the University of Cape Town Lung Institute (UCTLI), at UCT and implemented in South Africa over the last 18 years and is now a national South African Ministry of Health PHC programme, which is being made available globally on a not-for-profit basis through a partnership between UCTLI and BMJ (the British Medical Journal) and is now being localised, implemented and upscaled in Brazil, Nigeria and Ethiopia, with the goals of the programme being to improve and enable PHC in order to support countries to more rapidly achieve UHC, SDG 3 and Health for All.

Declaration: I lead the PACK global programme, working alongside in-country teams. Please contact me if you have any queries about PACK, or you can find more information at: https://knowledgetranslation.co.za/pack/

Best wishes Tracy

HIFA Profile: Tracy Eastman is a medical doctor and health manager. She is Director of International development of PACK (Practical Approach to Care Kit), working for the University of Cape Towns Lung Institute Knowledge Translation Unit, South Africa (UCT KTU), in partnership with the British Medical Journal (BMJ). She is based in London.

Professional interests: Primary care, Public health, Global health, Health service management, Health IT, Health Knowledge management. Collaboration and partnership to enable and improve health services for the most needy in LMIC communities.

Email: teastman AT iafrica.com