Access to and availability of (mental) healthcare information as an unaddressed prerequisite to improve maternal mental health (2) MEDBOX

23 April, 2019

Dear HIFA Colleagues,

MEDBOX celebrates World Maternal Mental Health Day, too!

One in five women experience some type of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder worldwide. This affects not only women but also their partners and family members. Mental health care provides support and treatment to empower women to identify the resources and capabilities to overcome these difficult circumstances, and to nurture their children optimally.

MEDBOX has launched a new TOOLBOX on MENTAL HEALTH

Here you will find guidelines, reports, education material, studies on mental health issues i.e. substance use disorders; neurological disorders, mental health disorders, psychosocial support

For more information about this important subject, visit our Mental Health Toolbox or MEDBOX

Best wishes

Sieglinde Mauder

MEDBOX Project Manager

MEDBOX- The Aid Library

HIFA profile: Sieglinde Mauder is Librarian at the Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg, Germany. She collects and distributes resources on HIV/AIDS, tropical diseases, humanitarian aid, health service management, e-learning for partners in developing countries. sieglinde.mauder AT