Access to and availability of (mental) healthcare information as an unaddressed prerequisite to improve maternal mental health (3)

27 April, 2019

I certainly agree with you on this Didier. Mental Health Information is a critically neglected need in developing countries. And, very little research exists to indicate it. Last year, I collaborated with some top researchers at Oxford on a Maternal Health project, and we did explore it.

The questions you asked are very interesting, and thought-provoking, and certainly, encourage a much-neglected discourse.

I am happy to discuss with you and like-minded colleagues.

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HIFA Profile: Maheswar Satpathy is a Research Scientist at University College London (UCL), UK. He is also the Co-Creator & Mentor at Next Vision Research Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Professional interests: I wish to emerge as a Health Care Policy Specialist, especially focusing on the themes of Global Public (Community) Health Challenges, Health care Planning, Delivery, Interventions and community development. While I aim to use my skill-sets and energy for shaping the healthcare policies and practices in the developing world, I am also interested in Social welfare as a goal! My larger agenda of life (professional growth) envisions an egalitarian (though not a utopian) order in world and especially in India which is fast emerging as one with a renewed spirit and a rejuvenated vision. I intend to explore the latent meanings in our behavioral manifestations and its roots in Social Psyche. I wish to conduct Inquiry of truth related to societal universe focusing on action-oriented academic activism. In the long run, I shall orient my concentrated efforts to bring about changes in the ailing systemic forces responsible for social anomalies. Hence, I want to c reate a global organization which will strive for holistic societal development by identifying the divisive factors and building on the community resilience and strength. To this end, I will dedicate my life to serve millions who are suffering from the pangs of hunger, destitute and misery, and the curses of lack of education or ill-education.

My future area of research & specialization: Holistic health, health promotion, behavior change; community-based participatory action research [CBPAR] among LGBT and Sex Workers; area of sexuality with special importance on Homosexuality; masculinity and male psychology; interspecies attachment and mysteries of proclivities; integral health and well being; health and behavioral design and health policy and interventions. Disadvantaged mental health & deprivation, and immigrant mental health.

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