Access to personal health information (7) Personal health booklets (2)

7 July, 2020

The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, which is the second largest health care provider in the country after the government, has been providing hand-held record to its registered patients since its inception in 1956. The booklet is essentially meant for patients with diabetes, IGT , GDM. The health care facilities maintain their own records as well, so all is not lost if the patient loses his. There is a very small fee to buy the booklet but poor patients are provided free of cost. The booklet has information about diabetes, injection techniques, testing, diet etc. All patient related information - clinical history in brief, investigations, treatment - are recorded.



HIFA profile: Kishwar Azad is the Project Director for the Perinatal Care Project and Snr Hon Consultant at the Department of Paediatrics at Birdem Hospital in Bangladesh. kishwar.azad AT