ADC: Promoting and supporting children’s health and healthcare during COVID-19

23 June, 2020

Below are the citation and extracts of a paper in Archives of Disease of Childhood, freely accessible thanks to ADC's policy on global child health content.

CITATION: Promoting and supporting children’s health and healthcare during COVID-19 – International Paediatric Association Position Statement FREE

Jonathan D Klein1,2, Berthold Koletzko1,3, Mortada H El-Shabrawi1,4, Adamos Hadjipanayis1,5, Naveen Thacker1,6, Zulfiqar Bhutta1,7

'The pandemic of COVID-19 disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and the risks it poses to families, communities and nations have led to massive social and economic consequences. While less likely to cause severe illness in healthy children or adolescents than adults, children can transmit the virus, and those under 1 year of age and with underlying comorbidities are at increased risk for more severe illness.

'This paper provides recommendations from the International Pediatric Association for children’s health and healthcare during COVID-19 (box 1). The IPA highlights the health needs of children and outlines priorities for preserving newborn, child and adolescent health during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, where social distancing and lockdowns threaten access to routine care and preventive services. Our primary focus is on maintaining systems of primary care for children; however, much of this paper is also applicable to specialty and subspecialty care...

'This paper does not attempt to provide definitive guidance for clinical management of children infected with or exposed to COVID-19, nor a comprehensive review of the evidence emerging about the virus and its effects. The science is evolving rapidly; current lay and technical guidance is available from the WHO ('


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