Alarming surge in drug-resistant HIV (2)

1 August, 2019

Thank you Eileen for sharing this.

I have also just concluded a study on non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy among children under five years who are living with HIV.

I found almost alarming levels of non-adherence to therapy; much higher than what has been reported for the older children and adolescents, and even the adults.

This is definitely one of the explanations for the increasing HIV resistance. And, unfortunately, for now these children have to stay on antiretroviral therapy for the rest of their lives. With this high resistance to first-line therapies, we will soon be out of options to manage them with.

We need more approaches that are specific to the problem age-groups.

Jacquellyn Ssanyu.

HIFA profile: Jacquellyn Ssanyu is a student at Makerere University School of Public Health in Uganda; Professional interests: Public health, medicine use and safety and sexual reproductive health. Email address: sanyukajacque AT