Anglican bishops tackle malaria

22 January, 2019

(With thanks to Bill Brieger and Tropical Health Update)

Extracts fropm a news item below. Full text here:


WINDHOEK - Bishop Luke Lungile Pato of the Anglican Diocese of Namibia says leaders of the faith community can play an important role in supporting efforts to eliminate malaria because of their close connection with the grassroots.

“It is important for faith leaders and churches be involved in combating malaria. Churches are present in communities. They are trusted, respected and active everywhere. Churches extend the reach of existing national services and can use their experiential knowledge of the local context to identify and take action against the specific local drivers of malaria,” the Bishop said...

The other bishops are Archbishop Albert Chama, archbishop of Central Africa; Bishop Cleopha Lunga of the Diocese of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe; Bishop David Njovu of the Diocese of Lusaka in Zambia; and Bishop Andre Soares of the Diocese of Angola.

Towards the end of last year Pato and his fellow bishops visited the United States of America to drum up support for efforts to rid the region of malaria...

“Malaria kills if it is not diagnosed and treated early. A large part of the population in the Diocese of Namibia live in northern Namibia where many cases of malaria have been reported especially in the Kavango region,” he said. On what role church leaders can play, Pato highlighted creating awareness about the dangers of malaria, dismissing myths and encouraging people to seek treatment where necessary...


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