Announcing our newest video: newborn resuscitation (3)

10 June, 2019

Hi - it is great to see a video on the HBB curriculum. I know how difficult it is to make these - and especially to have everything in place for a totally unpredictable event, such as a baby needing resuscitation. However, I have a couple of comments: there was no mention made of sizing the face mask, and in the video the mask appears to be rather too large, pressing on the eyes. Secondly, when the suction device is used in 'real time' it is not clear that it is being squeezed prior to insertion in the mouth - looks rather like it is being squeezed as it is inserted. I realise these are fairly small points, but it is important that people are being shown best practice, so hopefully these could be amended if a further version is produced.

Many thanks,


Dr Alison Leaf,

Honorary Consultant Neonatologist,

Department of Child Health,

University of Southampton

Honorary Lecturer in Global Child Health,

University of Bristol

CHIFA profile: Alison Leaf is a Consultant Neonatologist at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Professional interests: Neonatology and Nutrition. a.a.leaf AT