An app to detect anaemia from the colour of your fingernails (7)

4 February, 2019

Great news, thank you Chris. []

There are many 'anemias', and unfortunately, the app cannot distinguish between the various types.

However, iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is the most common nutritional disease in the world.

Mostly, it is chronically follows women of child bearing age, and to a lesser degree, children.

If this app can help us diagnose the problem, and then follow treatment, we will have done a great service to humanity.

If anyone is using the app and has feedback about its usefulness, please share your experiences.


Jean-Francois (Mickey) Rostoker


Associate Clinical Professor/Family Practice/University of British Columbia/Vancouver

Assistant Professor/Family Medicine/University of Saskatchewan/Regina

HIFA profile: Mickey Rostoker is Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine (MD, FCFP) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Professional interests: Empowering health workers in primary care, Upgrading skills of TBAs in developing countries, Postabortal care training in developing countries, mentoring midwifery students. mrostoker AT He is a CHIFA Country Representative for Canada