The 'Asks' & 'Milestones' of the UN HLM on UHC (2)

3 October, 2019

Dear Joseph and all,

"Ask 6: Move Together ­ Establish multi-stakeholder mechannisms forengaging the whole of society for a healthier world.

All countries must take active steps to meaningfully engagemnon-governmental actors- particularly from unserved, underserved or poorly-served populations- in shaping the UHC agenda. Solutions for each country must be tailored to context and population needs. The international community and global health partners should unite to support countries to build a healthier world."

I look forward to discuss *how* we may best establish and sustain such mechanisms. HIFA stands ready to play our part, particularly for sharing of experience among across countries and transdisciplinary collaboration.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

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