BBC: DR Congo gunmen say health workers 'brought Ebola' (10)

5 May, 2019

Dear all,

What happens in the DR Congo eastern Ebola Virus Disease is hard to understand, I am not surprised to see other Congolese contaminated and died. There is a big risk for us to be abandoned in the future by international community because we don't show a will of changed the situation on ground.

That is a politic issue with double negative effects, insecurity (weak public sector involvement) and community mistrust to public sector (issue of raising an awareness and making Behavior communication Change). We are losing humanitarian sense because we kill those having courage to help us in EVD fighting, destroying infrastructures of health care diagnosis and treatment.

It is time to DR Congo public sector to be involved in offering secured environment to allow humanitarian partners to work and have positive outcome in limited time such results we got during the nine EVD reported in Equator western province.

We pledge to fight an endless insecurity and epidemic.

Thank you

Andre Shongo Diamba

HIFA profile: Andre Shongo Diamba is a Medical Doctor, holder of MPH-International Health from Tulane University (USA), Founder and Director at PHOrg – Public Health Organization. He is a HIFA Country Representative. Email: shongodiamba AT