BBC: DR Congo gunmen say health workers 'brought Ebola' (11)

6 May, 2019

It is great to read first hand feedback from Andre Shongo Diamba, HIFA Country Representative in DRCongo.

Particularly we note his call for 'It is time to DR Congo public sector to be involved in offering secured environment to allow humanitarian partners to work'. We hope those in authority will heed his call.

We look forward to his sharing the current communication plan of the DR Congo health authorities to reach every stakeholder and corner of the country, to inform and educate the citizens of the nature of Ebola, the importance of Infection Protection and Conrol (IPC) measures, the importance of patients reporting promptly to health facilities where it is more effective to implement IPC and check the spread of the virus, the importance of avoiding clustering of cases in the community which only aids the spread, the importance of trusting the skilled health workers and facilities to control the epidemic, etc.

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