BBC: DR Congo gunmen say health workers 'brought Ebola' (3)

2 May, 2019

Dear colleagues,

Garance Upham makes an important point: WHO is making a big mistake in DRC by not reporting ebola cases acquired from health facilities.

If public health messages do not tell people at risk that patients, including babies, have been getting ebola from health facilities, then the only ways people can learn what is happening is from their own bitter experiences and by word-of-mouth. If people hear and believe word-of-mouth reports, they will know to protect themselves and their families by staying away from injections and dangerous health facilities. In previous outbreaks, people avoiding healthcare facilities helped to end the outbreaks.

During this ebola outbreak, health professionals could not only protect public health but also protect public faith in public health messages on all matters by trying their best to tell communities at risk and the world press the truth about ebola cases acquired in health facilities.



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