BBC: First aid lessons begin in schools ahead of roll-out (2)

14 September, 2019

Hello Neil,

Thanks for sharing this. It is a great achievement for the UK.

Agree with your comment "Basic first aid skills for children and adults could prevent even more deaths in low- and middle-income countries as compared with the UK, for the simple reason that professional help may be absent."

Towards the beginning of this month, some of my friends and I had a personal experience where we had to give CPR and further assistance on the beach as there was no life guard available around. What is also pivotal in such situations is 'an immediate response' as missing out on even a single second might cost a life.

Although many government and private organisations are taking individual initiatives to conduct workshops and seminars on BLS-ALS strategies, the training still vastly remains concentrated on only the educated population (e.g. in corporate firms, colleges and schools) The need of the hour now, is to however make this a mass education strategy for people of all backgrounds.

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