Beall's list - Author processing charges - WHO guidelines

17 February, 2020

Three selections from the latest WAME Newsletter, with thanks. Full newsletter here:

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Should APC-based OA journals charge both a submission fee and lower APC to more fairly allocate publication costs?

"Many authors are using (or should we say abusing?) the peer review system over and over again without paying for any of the associated costs. For now, most of these costs are paid by subscribers, but in an OA world, the costs would be covered by authors who do successfully publish in a given journal. This arrangement penalizes authors who careful choose where to submit their work while benefitting those who employ a more scattershot approach." Or should authors be given the option to pay both fees vs just an APC?

WHO retracts opioid guidelines with commercial influence

"The bipartisan report [by two members of (the US) Congress] accused the opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma of working, through its international arm Mundipharma, to expand the indications for chronic opioid use and minimise concerns about risks of addiction"..."The WHO did the right thing in retracting these documents, and they now have an incredibly important opportunity to set the record straight by ensuring that future guidelines are evidence-based and not corrupted by the commercial interests of opioid manufacturers or third party organizations who they support."


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