BMC: How many cigarettes are there in a bottle of wine? (2)

30 April, 2019

This is a very timely paper. The modernisation and acculturation of African society and consequently shifts in gender roles is engaging African women into activities which from evidence, now stated is a threat to their health. In deed, experientially, more women in the African societies drink than they used too. Smoking is also increasing among women population. Even though the reasons for these types of unhealthy behaviours are not like for men, it is clear that this is really a serious problem when we know the value the woman has in the traditional African society and is now having in globalization.

Because women are playing and will be playing an important role in the development of the world, it is important that they have access to this information. It is important they have access to every bit of information that will enable them to improve on their health. Fortunately, they are now online and digital empowerment is making them pick-up a lot of things than before. Perhaps more specific portals dedicated to quality healthcare and mental health care information for women's health could be envisaged?

I should say I am really excited about how women's access to information of this sort in low resource settings is going to improve on their wellbeing and health. What mechanisms come into play? Do women treat health information the same way as men do and how can this help develop better health systems? What type of health information matters to them?

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