BMJ: Ebola in Sierra Leone and DRC (3)

29 August, 2019

I agree with everybody else that compensation/ paying some to be vaccinated may not be sustainable especially knowing that eve after Ebola there might be another emerging deadly disease. However, for the 2 countries which are becoming a threat to the world, I would go ahead and pay/motivate/facilitate or even bribe (whichever word we want to use) the elders of the communities, traditional healers, because their word is like law, community members believe in them. We can empower them with knowledge so they can articulate issues surrounding ebola well. Am not sure whether the traditional healers are not making some income out of this - I might be wrong!!! We need to do whatever we it takes to make these people understand the danger they are in and pose to the other human race.


HIFA profile: Happy Annet Walusaga is a community linkages coordinator at Makerere Joint AIDS Program in Uganda. Professional interests: breaking down medical concepts to understandable units by the local community members in my region, hence empowering the community with knowledge to prevent HIV transmission, treatment and care, fight stigma, understand and promote as well as preventing and managing other diseases of public health importance in an all-inclusive community. email address: happyannetw AT