BMJ - Head To Head: Should I publish in an open access journal? (5) Researchers' perspectives on open access

20 April, 2019

In a previous message I commented: "It would be interesting to know the level of support for OA across different specialties, different groups of health professionals (and researchers), and different countries."

With thanks to Margaret Winker and WAME discussion forum, here is a survey of US researchers (from a variety of fields):


A survey of US faculty (response rate, 7%) found increasing support for open access publishing. "Approximately 64% of the 2018 respondents indicated they would be happy to see the traditional subscription-based publication model replaced entirely by an open access system compared to 57% in 2015. Younger faculty are particularly interested in this pivot; roughly three quarters of faculty ages 22 to 34 agreed with this sentiment compared to less than six in ten faculty ages 65 and older." However, "early career researchers often report that they are very closely aligning their research outputs to match the criteria they perceive for success" -- including valuing open access in journals much less than characteristics they perceive as important to success.


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