CABI launches new Global Health interface to Browse and Search public health information (2) Musculoskeletal disease

1 May, 2019

I looked at the CABI site and was quite impressed except for the section on chronic disease. Musculoskeletal disease, including autoimmune disease, are a major cause of disability in resource limited areas. Because of lack of knowledge many people are not being treated correctly. I was recently in Africa and saw people being treated with corticosteroids for osteoarthritis while young women with lupus nephritis were not seen by a nephrologist until they had renal failure. I hope that CABI will address this issue.

Michele Meltzer, MD

President of Rheumatology for All

HIFA profile: Michele Meltzer is a rheumatologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pa. who is developing a MOOC to teach rheumatology in low and middle income countries. michele.meltzer AT