Cameroon hosting Pan-Africa Continental Health Conference (PAHCON2019)

8 April, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

From the 7th to the 10th of April, Cameroon will be hosting an international conference gathering health professionals,mental health professionals, health advocates, and mental health advocates.

The #PAHCON is unique in its genre in Africa since it will address key health and mental health issues of the continent from an Afrocentric people-centered and CSO perspective.This is extremely relevant within the rising general discourse in global health and most within the new WHO framework on health;putting people first.Moreover, it goes in line with the foundation of a robust universal health coverage.

This conference will take place at the Salomon Tandeng Muna foundation in Yaoundé.

The conference is under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon Dr Malachie Manaouda.

This laudable initiative is driven by the Pan African-Health intitiative (PAN-AFHI) in collaboration with the African Union,HIFA and Mental Health Innovation Network Africa (MHIN Africa) and several other organisations like the Global medical liberies.

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Kindest regards,

Didier Demassosso

HIFA country representative for Cameroon

MHIN Africa Knowledge Exchange Assistant


Didier Demassosso

Mental Health Expert

HIFA Country Representative For Cameroon

HIFA Country representative of the year 2014

MHIN Africa Knowledge Exchange volunteer assistant

Member of the African Evidence Network (AEN)

Cameroon Human Right Fellow 2017

Vonlunteer at the International Association For Counselling

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HIFA profile: Didier Demassosso is a School Counsellor at the Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon. HIFA Country Representative For Cameroon/HIFA Country Represenative of the year 2014 and Mental Health Worker. Professional interests: Health Promotion, Mental Health Promotion, School mental health promotion, School health promotion, Mobile Health, Mental health, Public health, Public mental health, Trauma, Environment,the mind, ICT, Culture, Adolescent/Child health, Maternal health. He is a HIFA Country Representative.

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