The Centers for Disease Control (US) announces a website on Ebola Virus Disease (2)

1 January, 2019

Dear colleagues,

The most suitable website for physicians in DRK will probably be the WHO-site, which is available in French: However, not all read and speak this language ( and some rare ethnic languages are involved: What is the opinion of colleagues in Kongo?

Kind regards,

Christoph Klawe

HIFA profile: Christoph Klawe is a Consultant Neurologist and President of UMEA, Universala Medicina Esperanto-Asocio (UMEA), Germany / Esperantujo. Professional interests: Language policy in health care, bridging language gaps in health settings, promoting the international language Esperanto, improving the quality and range of the journal "Medicina Internacia Revuo", neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy. Email address: umea AT