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30 March, 2020

Dear HIFA colleagues,

Below is a short piece about our sister forum CHIFA in the latest newsletter of ISSOP (International Society of Social Paediatrics and Child Health).


CHIFA Report

By Tosin Popoola writes from New Zealand

By the time you read this update from CHIFA, COVID-19 must have had some sort of impact on you. On a personal level, I think COVID-19 has clearly shown that an actual problem anywhere in the world, is a potential ramification everywhere. It is only a matter of time before a sneeze in the north becomes a cough in the south. As an African proverb says, ‘the peace of mind of the tree, is equally that of a bird that perches on it’.

The world is now realising that if there is no global victory on COVID-19, there cannot be normalcy anywhere because it is just a flight, ship, ferry, friend or family member away. At CHIFA, we have always understood that even though we have different contextual realities, we have a shared reality. This is evident by the issues our members have shared over the past few months.

As an illustration, an issue about corporal punishment of children, which was started by a member sharing an update about an amendment to Child Abuse Prevention in Japan quickly generated intense interest from members from Africa, Australasia, Europe, North and South America. Within a week, this topic has generated 23 responses from members and still counting. As members tried to contribute to the issue from their own respective realities, the conversation quickly devolved into policy, cultural, political and societal issues, while also evoking personal and emotional connections to the issue.

CHIFA continues to demonstrate its relevance in shaping conversations and knowledge-sharing on a global scale. Over the past few months, CHIFA members have used the capacity of CHIFA as an information-sharing forum to discuss issues like border separation of children, COVID-19 and pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and use of human milk from HIV positive mothers in neonatal units. We continue to welcome new members, new and old ideas because our knowledge increases when we share information.

Tosin Popoola is a nursing lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and an assistant moderator for CHIFA.


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We are grateful to Tony Waterston, Tosin Popoola, Tom Hutchison and Harriet Aughey for their voluntary contributions as CHIFA forum moderators.

Best wishes, Neil

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