Children for Health 100 Messages booklets in 18 languages

30 October, 2019

Dear All

This has been quite a feat but AT LAST we are very pleased to announce that our 100 health messages booklets in EIGHTEEN languages are now available to download from our website. Each PDF booklet has ten sets of 10 messages for children to learn and share in the following topics:

1. Early Childhood Development

2. Coughs, Colds & Other Serious Illnesses

3. Immunization

4. Malaria

5. Diarrhoea

6. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

7. Nutrition & Growth

8. Intestinal Worms

9. Injury Prevention

10. HIV & AIDS

As well as the ten sets of 10 messages there is additional content on ideas for activities that can be done with children to help them understand, learn and share these key messages.

1. Assamese

2. Bengali

3. Gujerati

4. Hindi

5. Kannada

6. Khasi

7. Konkani

8. Malayalam

9. Marathi

10. Oriya

11. Punjabi

12. Tamil

13. Telugu

14. Urdu

15. English

16. French

17. Portuguese (for Mozambique)

18. Swahili

Please click this link to go to our page where you can download the languages of your choice. languages/

We have been VERY pleased to work with *Translators without Borders* on this project and we could not have done it without the outstanding help of their volunteers.

Our Assamese version is already in its second edition thanks to the help of a second team of translators who spotted a few errors in our first edition and our Urdu booklet was type set by a team in Pakistan.

One of our HIFA members has organised translation into Ewe and Twi (for Ghana) AND this member is also organising translation into Khmer.

We would welcome others to come forward any help translate the booklet into

other languages.

Worldreader would like to make them available from their platform too.

Thank you to all! Firstly to Nand Wadhwani who inspired us to get this going. Many, many, many thanks to John Pettigrew who prepared the language files for our website and to Melwyn Jensen who typeset 17 of the booklets so they can be downloaded.

Please share these booklets far and wide with your networks!

We would of course love your comments and feedback and help with any mistakes that you spot in the translations.

Best wishes


CHIFA Profile: Clare Hanbury is director of Children for Health ( She qualified as a teacher in the UK and then worked in schools in Kenya and Hong Kong. After an MA in Education in Developing Countries and for many years, Clare worked for The Child-to-Child Trust based at the University of London’s Institute of Education where, alongside Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley she worked to help embed the Child-to-Child ideas of childrens participation in health – into government and non-government child health and education programmes in numerous countries. Clare has worked with these ideas alongside vulnerable groups of children such as refugees and street children. Since her MSc in International Maternal and Child Health, Clare has worked freelance and focuses on helping government and non-government programmes to design and deliver child-centered health and education programmes where children are active participants. Clare has worked in many countries in East and Southern Africa and in Pakistan, Cambodia and the Yemen. Her current passion is for distilling health information for teachers, health workers and others – into simple practical health messages actionable by children.

Email: clare.hanbury AT