CHWs (117) Family physicians (4)

3 July, 2019

Thanks Massimo!

In days of obvious infection and no time for anything else, a simple approach might work but in the world of SDGs, it’s complex.

Let us take breathlessness as a takes a lot of time and competence to understand the impact on the person, potential causes and negotiate an acceptable and feasible treatment plan including non-drug interventions.

This is partly what PACK is trying to do - take a symptom-based approach and identify who can do what, I think?

The danger of discussing one cadre of health workers in isolation somehow suggests they can do most things. As Neil mentioned in an earlier posting, there’s a whole Rehab debate separate to this CHW one which talks about community-based rehab workers.

Are these a different cadre? You still need trained professionals assessing and tailoring a programme (eg pulmonary rehab, which, incidentally, Neil, is missing from the recent WHO Rehab Factsheet, as is breathing as one of the listed functions!

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