CHWs (122) Reflections on CHW Discussion Week 3 (2)

3 July, 2019

Greetings to all!

It has been one of those better months with all the interactions on CHWs. Thanks to all, I have learned a lot, reflected a lot and have completed a lot of circles and now looking at many things in a new light. What I realized is that I have not stress as much as I think and believe, the importance of having CHWs program linked to the national health system and the importance of working “WITH” communities using a health system strengthening (HSS) approach for effective implementation that will not only improve health but transformed communities and nations.

I know we all know the WHO six building blocks [*see note below], however a few years ago, I was introduced to the adapted one by Jhpiego in its Malaria Program. That approach contains an additional 3 blocks – 7. Policy issues (everything to do with policy including, formation, revision, monitoring, implementation, etc.) 8. M&E (looking at what is called (MERL) monitoring, evaluation research and learning) and 9. Community (everything connected with community, including services, providers, approaches). I found that to be very effective and applies that as my HSS approach with 9 instead of 6 blocks in every think I do, even though many always says they are included with the others (blocks 1-6). However, to me they are so essential to transformation that they need to be emphasize as separate building blocks. I am recommending that adaption to you as you look at your CHW programs and you can place them in a checklist and see what you are doing about each and how well and get the “so what” before you move on addressing gaps/challenges and celebrating successes in our work of looking at PHC for UHC.

Peace, Marion

HIFA profile: Marion Subah works for JHPIEGO in Liberia. Marion.Subah AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): The six building blocks are:

1: health service delivery

2: health workforce

3: health information systems

4: access to essential medicines

5: health systems financing

6: leadership and governance ]