CHWs (133) Certification of CHWs (14) Training traditional birth attendants in Nigeria (11)

6 July, 2019

Dear Dr. Joseph, Thank you for the corroboration, and additional guidance. [

Prof. Gawande gave the Reith Lectures in2014 on the theme, The Future of Medicine. Btw, ""traditional Midwives" is the preferred term for these heroic women, whose healthcare skill sets boggle the mind, and who should be recognized globally by healthcare institutions, including UN Agencies, before we have any chance of putting things in proper perspective to the end the neglect of these often despised CHWs that they may enjoy greater self esteem and be enabled to show the formally educated healthcare professionals how they have managed to stand in the gap, despite persecution by their formally trained colleagues.

Through simple measures, love, honesty, humility, one male obstitrition transformed the ambiance of the referral hospital in Karamoja by making patients and their friends and reletatives and children who now feel compfortable when visiting the ANC clinics, due to aligning their methods in maternal and infant healthcare to conform to the local cultures and traditions. And thus ANC stats shot up, with no additional burden to the existent budget. No more abusive certified midwives under this doctor's watch!

And "Obedience commands obedience". That, BTW is how leadersship is born.

When I read your response to my earlier post, I was reminded of one our monthly MCH TWG meetings, sunder the auspices of this East African country’s MoH

First Friday of every month, from 9 AM to 1 PM, beautifully brutally truthful - no BS allowed!

The fomadable Chair or ,moderator kept us on our toes, and it was extremely intense, like a war room; Each of us dedicated defenders of the faith to do the needful to minimize maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, acutely aware, at some deep level of our being, that the pain, the suffering mightbe lessoned by our concerted efforts.

The moderator Th at this meeting was a highly competent compassionate and respected medical doctor aswell as high offical of the ministry.

During one of the mornings presentation by one of the larger healthcare NGOs our chair interrupted her presentation after she quoted one of the official statistics for the percentage of babies born outside of the helthcare system, to remind us that we all knew that the true percentage was probably quite higher. Some whispered that it might be as high as three times as high

This man's honesty, courage and integrity, leading by example put wind in our sails, encouraging us to stay true to the great cause to which we had dedicated ourselves.

In closing, we need to think about the un-remembered and often despised traditional midwives who probably still play a key role in the safe delivery of as much as two thirds of babies born outside the healthcare system,- a system that has for too long neglected to provide sufficient support in proportion to the CHW's contribution tocountry’s primtary healthcare needs.

Let's see what we can do advocate for rectifying this neglegence, and put things right.


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