CHWs (136) Modalities of pre-service training (4) ANCHUL (AnteNatal and Child Health care in Urban sLums) (2)

7 July, 2019

Excellent resources and thanks for sharing [ As It is important that we as NGOs work with the MOHs to make sure the Ministries policies and guidelines do not conflict with ours and that we are implementing in alignment with the MOH, in Liberia we are now working with the MOH on policies and guidelines at what could be consider urban community health promoters and the guidance in the tool kit, especially on selection, training, supervision, etc. is very good as we discuss integration of large scale programs and institutionalization of Programs with paid CHWs according to the WHO recommendations.

In addition, I am doing an online course on Strengthening Community Health Workers Programs through Harvard University led by Dr. Raj Panjabi of Last Mile Health with many excellent co-presenters, that I would like to recommend to all, especially those like me with much community health experience, who in this forum that do not know about it yet.

HIFA profile: Marion Subah works for JHPIEGO in Liberia. Marion.Subah AT