CHWs (158) The impact of paid community health worker deployment on child survival in Tanzania (2)

14 August, 2019

Many thanks Neil for sharing this important paper. Bravo to the authors for publishing null results, and to the journal for supporting them. We must continue to learn about programs that have not created impact over time, and why. This underscores the importance in understanding the internal processes of a program to be able to pinpoint needed improvements. As this paper demonstrates, not all community health worker programs are bringing the health outcomes we want. Sharing best practices in CHW program design is crucial for success in this now widely-used health systems strategy.



HIFA profile: Amelia Plant is the Portfolio & Impact Manager at Preston-Werner Ventures, a San Francisco-based foundation looking to create scalable impact at the intersection of climate change and social justice. Amelia specializes in sexual reproductive health and rights, focusing on family planning information & access. She is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Family Planning and the HIFA wg on Community Health Workers.

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