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21 August, 2019

Dear Mohammad, dear all

Recently I came across this formidable report on vaccines. (Links below / Science Direct and Elsevier), as someone working on prevention of transmission of dangerous pathogens through unsafe injections, including "multi-dose vials" I was surprised to see no mention of training for vaccinating agents) (Multi-dose vials role in transmitting pathogens is a problem in tattooing, anesthesia, vaccinations, as agents do not know of reflux mechanism. The USA's Nevada Hepatitis outbreak some years ago, documented the reflux mechanism quite well, and today - IAS conference in Mexico - , we have the report by Dr Fatima Mir, Aga Khan University of Pakistan MoH-WHO joint investigations having identified 767 children contaminated by HIV through unsafe injection practices). The report on vaccinations says : "By 2015, seven prequalified vaccines were available and a lower cost multi-dose vial packaging became widely used." (Shaping markets to benefit global health – a 15-year history and lessons learned from the pentavalent vaccine market). At:


However, I did not see information the training and injection practices of agents vaccinating. Mohammad do you have that for Iran? Any one else on the list has info in general for other countries?

Best regards, Garance

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