CHWs (175) Query on CHW certification

14 October, 2019

Hello HIFA members,

Just wondering if anyone could guide/suggest about available CHW certification courses mainly for CBR workers, apart from the modules and guidelines prepared by WHO.

If you are aware of any certification short course run by any organisation (does not have to be specifically WHO/MSF) which CBR workers affiliated to government supported not-for-profits can take then kindly let me know.

Many thanks and regards,


HIFA profile: Stuti Chakraborty is an undergraduate student at Christian Medical College, Vellore. She is also a member of the SDG 3 working group for the UN Major Group for Children and Youth, has been a UN online volunteer for several projects, a young peacebuilder at Youth for Peace International (India) and also a country representative for HIFA. She is now currently helping to kick-start the Women in Global Health chapter in India as part of the core team. Email: stutibb AT She is a member of the HIFA working group on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice. Her profile is here: