CHWs (27) What are your thoughts on the Guideline? (14)

7 June, 2019

I totally agree with you Bryan [Pearson, UK], as long as we don't integrate the CHW in the health care system, we continue to incur higher and un necessary costs of treatment of ailments which would be otherwise prevented at community level.

There needs to be a minimum level of education though for the CHW.


HIFA profile: Happy Annet Walusaga is a community linkages coordinator at Makerere Joint AIDS Program in Uganda. Professional interests: breaking down medical concepts to understandable units by the local community members in my region, hence empowering the community with knowledge to prevent HIV transmission, treatment and care, fight stigma, understand and promote as well as preventing and managing other diseases of public health importance in an all-inclusive community. email address: happyannetw AT