CHWs (39) What are your thoughts on the Guideline? (17)

9 June, 2019

Dear Hifa Members,

The current discussion on CHWs is increasingly gaining a lot of attention. However most of my thoughts and questions have been ably answered by Prof. Cunningham contributor (28). But all the same I wish to be educated on the following:

Has WHO prepared Modus to standardise training of these cadres, what about étnicai [technical?] issues Including confidentiality? I agree with some thought to get blessings the community this should include opinion leaders? Faith-based leaders should involved...

My other thought is that to what extent the would quacks would be prevented from masqurading? Integrating them into the main might create suspicion among some trained officers. My take on this they should be independent of each other from the main stream of the health system but treaated as equal partner in providening healthcare services


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