CHWs (4) Is there a difference between CHWs in urban and those in rural contexts?

21 October, 2019

As part of our work in the REACHOUT consortium ( we noted some differences in CHWs in urban settings compared to those in rural areas in Kenya. We noted differences in the community set up with high mobility of informal urban settlement dwellers, differences in community participation and gender norms across the two settings. There is limited literature on this topic especially on CHWs in urban contexts.

What are the experiences in other countries? Is there any literature that anyone would like to share on this?

Dr Lilian Otiso

Executive Director

LVCT Health, Kenya


Twitter @lilianotiso

HIFA profile: Lilian Otiso is the Director of Programs at LVCT Health in Kenya. Professional interests: Strengthening Health Systems, Community Health workers, Equity and prioritization, and Health financing. lotiso AT