CHWs (40) Selection of CHWs for pre-service training (5)

10 June, 2019

Kenya Experience with regards to WHO Guidelines on CHW selection criteria

Recommendation 1A

Educational requirements include being literate and a secondary school leaver

Acceptability by the community is well emphasized, and culturally women are generally the majority

The personal attributes are generally perceived to contribute to acceptability by the community, but these are often NOT broken down to the specific elements. This is an area where research could generate better evidence for decision making, especially in understanding performance, motivation, drop out etc

Recommendation 1B

Age does NOT feature at all in the selection criteria, but in practice within our cultural context age has an influence on social communication and may influence performance especially with regards to young persons discussing reproductive issue with older persons and vice versa. This is also an area where social research can generate more evidence

Recommendation 1C

Marital status is NOT used as a criteria but in practice society/communities have perceptions, often misperceptions about being or not married, and this has implication for social communication. This may be confounded by age. Either way it has implication for acceptability and performance and in need of more evidence

In general, these WHO recommendations on selection criteria are implementable, and actually already being implemented to some extent.


HIFA profile: Stephen Okeyo is the Dean at Great Lakes University of Kisumu-Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (TICH) in Kenya. Professional interests: Reproductive Health; Public/Community Health (community based approaches); Health Policy and Systems; Quality of care; Academic Management and Leadership; Research Email address: okeyo2012 AT