CHWs (52) Training of CHWs (3) Supportive supervision (14)

8 November, 2019

Dear Dan and all

Sorry for the late reply, is due to other official commitments.

In the advent of task shifting, there are certain tasks attributed to Community health workers within their serving Communities such as those in the management of integrated childhood disseases package known by its french accronym PCMI "prise en charge des maladies infantile". Here our CHWs are to treat diarrhoea diseases with ORS, acute respiratory infection with Cotrim, acute UTIs with amoxicilin, malnutrition with enriched pap. A considerable good strategy for our vulnerable, poor and geographic inaccessible populations whose health has been left in the hands of CHWs who are trained per program, never supervised by MOH officials or even by the lone Community health nurse. Thus these CHWs tend to abuse their job description to the point where some of them have opened personal pro-pharmacies in their homes. This is where my worry lies with our health system per WHO 2014 recommendations on CHWs training and practice. We need a Framework consisting of a set of rules/norms to govern these other actors integrated in the health system who are the first referral link to the system.

HIFA profile: Takang Arrey is a state registered nurse specialised in community health care and passionate about the works of community health workers in Cameroon. Takang has carried out research on health system determinants and work performance of CHWs. arreytk T