CHWs (55) Integration of Ayurveda and Homeopathy practitioners? (2)

12 June, 2019


I had posted about integrating services of alternative health practitioners (Ayurveda and homeopathy) as CHW.

These are supporting statements.

80% of health care in India is private (pay from pocket). This is often provided by alternative practitioners as there is shortage of MBBS doctors in India. These doctors generally provide allopathic (modern medicine) treatment to patients despite their degree. So its a skilled workforce available.

For rural population and urban poor, these practitioners are the main providers of primary care. Their services are seen as value for money and are mainly symptomatic.

Preventive health care is segregated to government centers and somehow there is discord between private and government health services.

Private is quick, value for money, focused on symptomatic relief and patient satisfaction, whereas as government services are slow, generally free, but with less patient satisfaction.

It might be a good idea to integrate services of these private health practitioners as CHW so as to achieve integration of curative and preventive health goals and synthesis and cooperation between government and private health services. Unless these two start working hand in hand, it will be difficult to achieve our goals.

You may or may not post this in the forum, but I thought of expanding on the idea which had come off while reading the discussions on CHW.



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