CHWs (71) Can/Should CHWs Address Violence Against Children?

19 November, 2019

Read CHW Central’s latest feature “Can CHWs Help End Violence Against Children?” to review current evidence on the roles of CHWs in addressing violence against children (VAC). This engaging and important feature, written by Polly Walker of World Vision International, highlights CHWs’ work on the frontlines and notes the degree to which they are already involved in identifying, mitigating and preventing VAC.

Do you have experience training or supporting CHWs to address VAC? Has your organization faced the same issues highlighted in Polly’s feature? If so, let us know by responding here on HIFA or contacting us at: to tell us about your experience. We’re seeking more information and contributors for a webinar.


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HIFA profile: Rebecca Furth is a public health specialist and cultural anthropologist. She is a Senior Technical Advisor at Initiatives Inc., USA and Technical Manager for Her professional interests include human resources for health, community health worker program strengthening, organizational development, health systems strengthening, and culture and development. She is a member of the HIFA working group on CHWs. rfurth AT