CHWs (76) BBC: Pneumonia: How a bead necklace is tackling the disease in Kenya

26 November, 2019

(Forwarded from our global child health forum CHIFA)

2 minute video online:


'Known as the "village doctor", Beatrice Lokwawi travels around northern Kenya diagnosing and treating people who are suffering with pneumonia.

She uses the beads to count and diagnose rapid breath intake, which can be an early indicator of the disease.

Other symptoms can include a rapid heartbeat, a cough, difficulty breathing, a loss of appetite, chest pain and a high temperature.

Pneumonia is currently the deadliest disease affecting children in Kenya.'


Comment (NPW): We would be interested to hear from anyone using this method to diagnose pneumonia. What other methods are used (eg counting the breaths over 1 minute) and how do they compare?


Best wishes, Neil

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