CHWs (99) Understanding the challenges faced by CHWs (2)

26 June, 2019

Hi James. [James O'Donovan, UK/Uganda: ]

I am interested in the feedback from the CHWs. I have been working with communities in south east Nigeria and we are designing a project to develop an informal group of CHWs to meet the needs of hard to reach communities. Their health care needs are far from being met and the formal sector (primary health care structure) is very weak. It is important to have the commitment of all stakeholders in making the system an effective one. Sadly this is lacking at the community level and this can sometimes affect the work that the CHWs can do. Information from your group of CHWs would be helpful in the conversations with the community on the implementation of this activity.


Ranti Ekpo

Ranti Ekpo is Program Manager/Researcher at the dRPC in Nigeria. Professional interests: Health Advocacy, Child Health, Child diarrhoea, Childhood Pneumonia, Child Nutrition, Routine Immunisation, Family Planning. ekpooy AT