Cochrane's multi-language project

1 December, 2018

From the Cochrane website:


'Making Cochrane evidence accessible to non-English speakers is a priority for us. More than 5,000 translations of Cochrane Review plain language summaries/abstracts were published in 2017. Translation activities are led by local Cochrane groups and their translator communities, the majority of which are volunteer based.

'This is why translation teams and geographical centres play a key role in Cochrane’s knowledge translation strategy. During the 25th Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh some of the members of the Cochrane Community shared with us their goals and achievements in different language settings...'


Comment (Neil): It is encouraging to see increasing recognition of the healthcare information needs of people (the majority of the world's population) who do not speak English. HIFA looks forward to continue working alongside Cochrane (a HIFA supporting organisation) and others to meet this challenge, especially through HIFA-French, HIFA-Portuguese and HIFA-Spanish.

Best wishes,


Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Multilingualism

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