Community Group Engagement: Changing Norms to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health

9 March, 2019

We have previously discussed on HIFA and CHIFA ( the groundbreaking work by Anthony Costello and colleagues, who showed the impact of women's groups on maternal and child health survival. It's increasingly clear this approach has an impact on family planning and reproductive health also.

A new High Impact Practice brief from K4Health

Extracts below:


Engage and mobilize communities in group dialogue and action to promote healthy sexual relationships.

Studies show that CGE can improve both men’s and women’s SRH knowledge...

Community group engagement can improve women’s decision-making power...

Community group engagement likely influences change at the community, family, and individual levels by building capacity within the community...

Community group engagement is associated with higher levels of contraceptive use...

Community group engagement may be a critical component of comprehensive adolescent SRH programming...

Community group engagement has been implemented in other health areas at scale and cost-effectively.


1. Communication for Social Change: An Integrated Model for Measuring the Process and Its Outcomes provides a practical resource for community organizations, communication professionals, and social change activists working in development projects to assess the progress and the effects of their programs.

2. How to Mobilize Communities for Health and Social Change provides step-by-step

guidance on how to use CGE to influence positive health behaviors.

Priority Research Questions

1. Do CGE interventions influence key family planning outcomes among specific adolescent population

groups, such as very young, married, or unmarried adolescents?

2. How is CGE implemented at scale and what are the associated costs?

3. What level/dose and coverage of CGE are sufficient to achieve sustained change in social norms and family

planning behaviors?


Best wishes, Neil

Joint Coordinator, HIFA Project on Family Planning

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