Coronavirus (259) Urgently Needed Mental and Psychological Support (3)

30 March, 2020

Dear All,

Anyone looking for help can contact Corona Care Life

Corona Care ( is technology platform for connecting the professional who are willing to support cause of corona care with callers looking for support.

In order to assist those who are undergoing stress because of Corona Virus crisis, an online Help Desk was launched at Catholic Health Association of India, Directorate, Hyderabad on 26th February.

Billion Lives, a social impact tech company based in Bangalore, India, headed by Mr. John Santhosh, developed the necessary platform and tech solutions for People can come to the site for live chats, audio and video calls, apart from communicating through mails. The site is active and accessible. There are about 30 professionals from social work and psychology background ready to take calls and deal with fears and anxieties about corona virus crisis. Doctors are ready to answer medical queries.

Multilingual Support: When it comes to language you don't have to worry about being on the wrong page we have multilingual support.

A panel of social workers, psychologists & counselors who are waiting to speak to you with 24X7 availability.

You can also find more resource platforms and documents on mental health and psychosocial support in our Toolbox

Best wishes

Sieglinde Mauder

MEDBOX Projekt Manager

HIFA Profile: Sieglinde Mauder is Librarian at the Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg, Germany. She collects and distributes resources on HIV/AIDS, tropical diseases, humanitarian aid, health service management, e-learning for partners in developing countries.

Email: sieglinde.mauder AT