Coronavirus (269) Urgently Needed Mental and Psychological Support (5)

31 March, 2020

Dr. Dey, I am so sorry to know of your personal and compatriots' plight -- it is a sad, frightening, and diminished time indeed globally, especially for those with few resources in reserve.

If work and educational resources would truly be a balm, might we please offer you (and your community health workers and other colleagues) these 4 free and accredited courses, created and tested here* in the Lancet by your extraordinary compatriot, Dr. Vikram Patel, and colleagues:

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Substance Use Disorders (for Primary Care health providers) --

General Psychological Counseling (for Community Health Workers) --

Depression Counseling (for CHWs) --

Alcohol Counseling (for CHWs) --

These (and's other) courses are all freely available for you, now and always. We hope they will help?

Kind Regards,


Miriam Chickering RN, BSN, IBCLC

Chief Operating Officer

HIFA profile: Miriam Chickering is Chief Executive Officer of Nurses International, a non-profit focused on helping nurses obtain the education and the support they need to make a difference in developing nations worldwide. miriamchickering AT