Coronavirus (352) Stop COVID-19 Infographics

6 April, 2020

Dear All,

Front line workers like CHWs, sanitation workers, police forces and ambulance drivers are out in their communities daily. In India we call them our COVID Warriors as are all the doctors and technicians.

Globally, front line workers might be disseminating the information given in these excellent info graphics, but not all of them might have protective gear for themselves.

I wrote a short, practicable and translatable guideline for self care in English, for COVID 19 Warriors #healthcareheros. As India is under lock down, we are sending out the translations by mobile phones to ASHA workers and other health workers. Please help me to disseminate this shareable link to front line workers in your regions.

Kavita Bhatia, PhD

Independent researcher (India)

HIFA Profile: Kavita Bhatia is an independent researcher in public health. She is based in India. She has considerable experience in the documentation and evaluation of community-based voluntary health care programs, particularly those involving community health workers. Since the past few years, she has been doing research, documentation and advocacy for women community health workers in large scale public health care programs. She is interested in the gender issues, rights and professional development of women health workers. She also runs an e-platform called Ashavani ( She is also a member of the HIFA Working Group on Community Health Workers: kavbha AT