Coronavirus (608) Comparative Epidemiology Model: Influenza, All Other Respiratory Infections and COVID-19

16 May, 2020

Dear Madame/Sir

I am writing to notify you about a monograph published May 11, 2020 describing 16 years of service capacity related to Influenza and all other respiratory viruses in a population. An image of the book details is attached (if it gets through). [*HIFA does not carry attachments - NeilPW]

The monograph is available on on Apple bookstore website:

The details may prove of interest, if not useful in planning system response to COVID-19.

Best regards,

Dr. Cawthorpe


A publication employing a similar analysis method:

HIFA profile: David Cawthorpe is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada. His professional interests include: Human Development, Developmental Psychopathology, and Delivery of low bandwidth medical education curriculum. cawthord AT