Coronavirus (621) BMJ: The UK’s public health response to covid-19

18 May, 2020

There's politics, science, and there's public health (the people who have to deliver policy as well as try to influence it). This paper shows the relationship very well and the importance of respecting local intelligence. The UK government got and still gets advice from an expert group of scientists, but this paper shows the narrow focus of their expertise. What was, and remains missing, is respect for the collective intelligence of local public health teams working with local government who know how to engage their local populations, who is likely to be at risk, excluded or needing extra support. This is for testing, contact tracing, supporting care homes that look after the most vulnerable, supporting schools, coordinating with the police, refuse collectors and so on. See this twitter thread to give a great example of what it takes:


HIFA profile: Sian Williams is Executive Officer at the International Primary Care Respiratory Group in the UK. Professional interests: Implementation science, NCDs, primary care, respiratory health, education, evaluation, value, breaking down silos. AT