Coronavirus (631) Uncertainty amidst COVI-19 (5)

20 May, 2020

Dear friends

I am sure HIFA can help by screening and providing links to the best evidence available on the topic. Thanks to Neil and other colleagues. Three issues to mention here:

1. Apply common sense and try to verify sources of information. HON ( has an excellent set of criteria to judge quality of information. Social media is the worst source of information on the pendemic;

2. The strongest country in the world is not the best to provide evidence on this issue judged by what its president is promoting and doing. That country has thousands of excellent scientists but they are being silenced because of politics and economy;

3. WHO is probably the most misjudged, mistreated and misused agency in the world now. Many people, most unfortunately, think that what the US leadership and its media think about something means a global issue. WHO never takes action in terms of declaring a pandemic or a global issue like this one. A group of scientists and public health experts recommend declaring this based on certain criteria. So it is not the Director General who takes this decision. When it comes to guidelines development, it is the most rigorous, solid, evidence-based and quality process. To accuse WHO of doing wrong on this is not accepted and shows that there is lack of understanding of how WHO works. WHO might not be perfect but the quality of its products, policies, procedures and way of work are all a reflection of the quality of staff and governance of the Organization.

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