Coronavirus (649) Management of gastrointestinal cancers in the COVID-19 pandemic

22 May, 2020

New recommendations from the Brazilian Gastrointestinal Tumors Group on how to best manage gastrointestinal cancers in the COVID-19 pandemic have just been published. The guidelines take into consideration the limited health resources available in many countries and include evidence-based approaches to both treating and minimising the risk of COVID-19 for cancer patients, simultaneously proposing how to decrease the use of hospital resources at a time these resources need to be available to treat COVID-19 patients.

Overall and tumour-specific recommendations are made by stage (including surgical, locoregional, radiotherapy, systemic treatments and follow-up strategies) for the most common gastrointestinal malignancies: esophagus, gastric, pancreas, bile duct, hepatocellular, colorectal, anal cancer and neuroendocrine tumours.

Read the open access article here:

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